19 Things I Remember as a Child of the Late 80s Early 90s

I was doing some reminiscing with my husband last night, PLUS, I keep seeing these lists circling the interwebs talking about all the “remember whens” and whatnot. Well, I decided to compile my OWN list of awesome things from my youth.

Leave a comment with YOUR list. Or even blog about it and link in the comments below. I love reminiscing.

19. Hey Dude
YES. “Hey Dude” was one of the best shows on Nickelodeon. I still sing the opening theme song from time to time. Don’t judge.

image via Andy Shaw Comedy

18. Gushers
Yeah, I know they’re still around… but it’s not exactly “cool” for a 26-year-old to be eating Gushers anymore. Also, High Fructose Corn Syrup is out.
image via TBSE blog

17. Clearly Canadian
You guys, I don’t care who you are, this stuff was THE BOMB. I’ve heard rumors that it still exists in some places. I have yet to confirm these rumors for myself.
image via Urlesque

16. Dunkaroos
Oh. My. Gosh. I used to flip out when I would find Dunkaroos in my lunch. No joke. Again, I hear they still exist somewhere, but I have yet to confirm. Also, I also think that it’s probably not a good idea for me to be eating these at my age.
image via GATECH blog

15. Clarissa Explains it All
Sam. Clarissa. A window. A sweet computer. ‘Nuff said.
image via ShareTV

14. Pretty Pretty Princess
I used to make my poor father play this game with me every. single. day. And he would. Man, I love my dad. Almost as much as I loved this game. haha JUST kidding – of course I love my dad more than I love Pretty, Pretty Princess.

13. Fraggle Rock
The FR theme song was my JAM, you guys. Also, it was just a good show.
image via Tribe of Dad

12. My Big Wheel
It was pink. It had a flag. I put a baseball card in the spoke of the wheel. Enough said.
image via A Few Shortcuts

11. Orbitz
Now, I know this drink looks gross, but that’s because it was. WHAT WERE THOSE FLOATING BALLS?! Despite it being rather disgusting, I still drank it. I even collected the bottles. Yeah, I collected the Orbitz bottles in every flavor and had them on my shelf at home. I am a freak.
image via Fanpop

10. My creepy porcelain dolls
I don’t know why I collected these things. I mean, most of them were “hand-me-downs” but whoaly moly these dolls were creepy. WHY DID I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?
image via Sodahead

9. Ghostwriter
I was obsessed with Ghostwriter. So much so that I had my own “Ghostwriter” composition notebook and I used to pretend Ghostwriter and I were friends and he would write to me. Again, I was a freak child. Also, WHO WAS GHOSTWRITER? Why was he a ghost? They never truly addressed this issue, in my opinion. Also, if anyone wants to purchase Season One of Ghostwriter for me, you may. Or Hey Dude.
image via Amazon

 8. Immature
Dudes. I had ALL of Immature’s TAPES. I had posters ALL OVER my room of Immature. “We Got It” was my JAM. Oh, and “Never Lie” – got me every time. I mean, who doesn’t love an R&B group of like, 11-year-old guys?

7. Gak
This stuff was gross and AWESOME. I took my Gak Pak with me everywhere!
image via Tumblr

6. My Tamagotchi
This thing was the thing I loved to hate more than anything in the world. I couldn’t let go of it, yet it died on me every day. I remember in 2nd grade when my teacher took it away from me in class and by the time I got it back my Tamagotchi had died, AGAIN. I was crushed. That thing needed to eat more than I did.
image via Wired

5. Koosh Balls
I easily collected 1,700 of these. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But I don’t know why these things were so dang addictive.
image via Wikipedia

4. My Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper
Lisa Frank? Awesome. Giant Velcro Binder System? Awesome. Lisa Frank Themed Giant Velcro Binder System? Awesomest.

3. My AOL Screen Name(s) – OLdNaVyAnGeL… then AGTShorty5
Yes, my AOL Screen Names were OLD NAVY ANGEL and then AGENT SHORT 5. What was I thinking? Le sigh.
image via Filebuzz

You guys, I had so many SICK pogs and WICKED AWESOME slammers. I also had a sweet pog storage tube thing. Why?
image via Children of the Nineties

1. Raffi
I had this concert live on VHS and watched it daily. BABY BELUGA IS THE BEST. As is Raffi. I made my poor husband watch apoo ton of Raffi videos with me yesterday cause I was reiminiscing so much. Hahahaha.

I’m sorry, but Raffi > The Wiggles.

What were YOUR favorite things from your childhood?