The NEW Electronic Lite Board

Keeping with the precedents set by other innovative AV companies, AV Phenom typically releases new products around InfoComm and ISE each year.  Phenom has successfully developed and released several products over the last few years including the Smart HUBby, the VoiceSaver Remote, the world’s first 4K Speakers, and most recently the ShareChair TM.

It’s hard to believe that even more innovation could come out of the Phenomenal Industries Lab, but Phenom says his latest innovative project just couldn’t wait until 2019. That product?

The Electronic Lite Board.

“There are several electronic whiteboards on the market today,” admits Phenom, “but none of them offer the collaborative power of my Electronic Lite Board.”

Phenom claims that his new product combines the user-friendliness of a traditional analog whiteboard, the contrast ratios of the flat panel based LCD solutions, and the scalability and brightness of direct view LED technology.

“My new Electronic Whiteboard is modular, so you can stack several units together to create large canvases, it is true orientation-agnostic, meaning you can flip it in any direction, and its black substrate is easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth and leaves no ghosting”, stated Phenom.

“This allows you to stack it up, flip it, and rub it down”, he added right before he spilled his coffee and exclaimed, “Oh no!”

The system allows users to collaborate wirelessly, and unlike a traditional whiteboard that utilizes markers that can get lost and dry out, Phenom’s product utilizes what he calls “GAME-CHANGING tactile light interfaces” instead.  These are akin to MIT Media Lab’s Physical Pixels and create true glasses-free 3D effects.

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“There is no software to load or learn”, says Phenom.  “It’s so easy that a child can figure it out in seconds.”

The Electronic Lite Board will be shipping in the next few weeks, and although it is taking aim at products like Spark, Flip, SurfaceHub, and JamBoard, Phenom shared that it also has a bright future in the eSports, education, teleconferencing, and digital signage markets as well.

Phenom has given rAVe Pubs exclusive access to some shots of the Electronic Lite Board being used in several applications below.



Video Teleconferencing

Digital Signage


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