10 Tell Tale Signs You May be Burned Out

Over the years I have worked with some pretty amazing people… amazing people who occasionally needed a time out. They were tired, cranky or had just been in the business for far too long and started to exhibit some signs that were not exactly appropriate workplace behaviors. If I’m honest, I have been guilty of this too. So I thought I would switch it up and take a break from the advice that I normally dole out and instead touch on something we all feel from time to time with a little humor. So here it is, 10 signs you may be burned out:

1. You show up to work and immediately take your lunch break.
2. Your collared shirt clearly has holes in it but you wear it to work anyway.
3. Solitaire consumes more of your day than actual work. Pinterest is the female equivalent to this.
4. Between bidding on eBay and finding friends from high school on Facebook, you really can’t be bothered to answer the phone, help a customer or finish staging equipment for your upcoming installation.
5. The theater room is your favorite spot for a nap but if someone is doing a demo in there, the sales counter is a perfectly acceptable backup.
6. You regularly blow up at customers’ homes because the sales guy who sold the job is an idiot.
7. You have had so many bad online reviews lately that you have decided to take on the art of ticking people off as your life’s mission.
8. If it is baseball, football or basketball season and the game is on, the store may be open but as far as you are concerned it is closed. Acceptable substitutes may include NASCAR, MMA or the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.
9. You refuse to learn about any new technology.
10. You take frequent bathroom breaks. It’s not that you really have to go, but you desperately need these little mini vacations to get through the day.

It was hard to just list 10 but I want to hear from you. Can you add to this list? Share a personal experience?