1 Beyond Introduces the Collaborate AVS Videoconferencing System


1 Beyond has announced it’s shipping its Collaborate AVS videoconferencing solution. Collaborate AVS is designed to automatically focus the camera on the active speaker. Designed for larger meeting rooms, classrooms, courtrooms and panel discussions, Collaborate AVS gives a close-up view of the person talking and can be used for video conferencing as well as recording, streaming or IMAG (Image Magnification). No camera operator is required as switching is automatic.

Up to eight cameras and 250 microphones can be placed anywhere, even accommodating rooms where the presenter and audience face different directions. The system is configured with a browser-based interface. Other features include side-by-side Conversation Mode when two people are in conversation and integration with the 1 Beyond AutoTracker camera which follows a mobile presenter. 

Collaborate AVS supports the newest push-to-talk or voice-activated table-top mics or ceiling arrays, including Shure Microflex Advance, Shure DDS 5900, Shure DCS 6000 and 1 Beyond AVS Wireless Microphone systems. In addition to standard codecs from Polycom and Cisco, Collaborate AVS works with software conferencing solutions like Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting. 1 Beyond says the software can run on the Collaborate AVS system so a separate computer is not needed.  

Standard Collaborate AVS packages include two or four 1 Beyond PTZ-S20 cameras and start at $12,995. Here are all the details.