1 Beyond Debuts AutoTracker Camera

1 Beyond has announced the 1 Beyond AutoTracker3 camera that incorporates a combination of motion and facial detection. The new AutoTracker 3 camera is Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and uses a new software manager in addition to improved tracking and higher quality wide-angle camera.

With the addition of PoE+ , the AutoTracker 3 camera can now be controlled, powered and monitored over a single network connection.

In addition, it comes with the new 1 Beyond Camera Manager software which is able to control multiple cameras across subnets of a network and allows up to four camera streams to be viewed simultaneously.

The AutoTracker 3 retains the key features of the previous versions which include a Sony sensor, dual 1080p or 720p HD-SDI output, a motor design that allows for smooth tracking, 20x optical zoom and automatic camera functions such as focus and white balance.

AutoTracker 3 cameras are shipping immediately and are priced at $6,995. Here are all the specs.