1 Beyond Announces Enhancements to Collaborate AVS System

1 Beyond has announced enhancements to 1 Beyond Collaborate AVS systems including better speaker tracking for video conferencing, lecture capture and meeting recording and streaming.

The new Collaborate AVS system features and functionality includes:

  • 2U Rack chassis, with four or eight SDI inputs, to mount securely with other units in an AV rack
  • New custom layout design so the video output can include graphics, titles and side-by-side shots that include presenter and content or presenter and audience member or all three
  • Option for titles to identify the name of the speaker
  • Option to include custom backgrounds and logos in the video output
  • NDI video support and network control of cameras
  • Seamless integration with Shure MXA 310 and 910, DDS 5900, DCS 6000, P300, SCM820 and any connected mics
  • Crestron integration to start and stop the recording, streaming, conferencing output
  • A manual-override option from Crestron to control camera selection and positioning

The 1 Beyond Collaborate AVS speaker tracking allows for:

  • Up to eight cameras can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • There is no limit to room size. Microphones in the room are used to determine where the speaker is, rather than a separate microphone array.
  • Connection is supported to any conferencing codec (software or hardware) or streaming CDN.
  • Easy integration is featured with the 1 Beyond AutoTracker PTZ camera that is optimized to track a presenter who is moving around.
  • A built-in video encoder for recording and streaming is included and Collaborate AVS can be configured to automatically transfer recordings to a central server.

The 1 Beyond Collaborate AVS is designed for “speaker tracking” in a variety of applications in corporations and educational institutions for video conferencing and lecture capture, recording and streaming of panel discussions and government meetings and for courtroom video. The system automatically switches to the best camera to focus on the presenter or whoever is speaking in the room and uses an intelligent algorithm to decide when to switch views based on input from the room microphones.

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Pricing starts at $12,995 and all the specs are here.