D.A.S. Expands Event Series

DAS-M210A-0115D.A.S. just launched the new Event M210A — a three-way stage monitor in a double 10” “dual-band” configuration. The dual-band configuration allows twin 10″ loudspeakers to work in tandem for maximum power at low frequencies. Above the low frequency range, the advanced digital signal processing allows the 10″ speakers to operate independently in specific frequency ranges, eliminating off-axis interference between the drivers to maintain optimal polar and frequency response characteristics throughout the low and low-mid operating ranges.

The D.A.S. loudspeaker units have been teamed up with a single M-60 compression driver attached to a new, asymmetric waveguide. The purpose-designed unit offers a 20º Up-30º Down vertical coverage for precise pattern control in the artist´s listening area.

The Event M210A wedge is powered by a three channel Class D amplifier which provides 360 Watts peak per channel. The amp’s rear panel includes quality Neutrik XLR and powerCON connectors, status LEDS to facilitate setup.

The rugged M210A enclosure is manufactured using Baltic plywood and is finished with the durable ISO-flex protective coating. A powder-coated steel grille protects the D.A.S. components from damage.

Here are all the specs.