Zoom Adds Apple CarPlay Support & MacBook TouchBar Support

While some other video communications platforms only have limited support for Apple, Zoom runs on Mac and iOS devices including desktops, iPads and iPhones. Regardless of if a user is on PC or Mac, Android or iOS, Zoom users get a very similar and highly intuitive user experience including iOS screen sharing, ability to schedule, start and join meetings on mobile and whiteboarding/annotations on iPad.

But, now they’ve added Apple CarPlay, too. This means you can now manage Zoom meeting commands, such as call a contact and accept meeting invitations, from the controls in compatible cars to take their meetings on the go. Although it may be tempting to fully immerse yourself in the Zoom experience while driving, remember to always keep your eyes on the road!

Also, Zoom also just added Macbook Pro Touch Bar support, too. Now Mac users can manage their meeting controls conveniently from the built in Touch Bar without having to use their mouse. Controls include start/leave meeting, schedule a meeting, share screen, start/stop recording, and mute/unmute. Theses controls are especially useful for managing a meeting without having to disrupt other features such as screen sharing.

Zoom is here.

Sara Abrons

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