Vutec Corporation Unveils Silverstar PanoFlexx at CEDIA 2018

Vutec Corporation just released its Silverstar PanoFlexx screen. The screen has what they are calling Accurate Color Panoptics (ACP) designed to increase colorimetry. The Silverstar PanoFlexx produces the same quality and performance of the Silverstar fixed wall screen and incorporates a new flexible fabric.

Notable features of the Silverstar PanoFlexx include ISF Certification, 8K Ultra HD, revolutionary Silverstar fabric with Accurate Color Panoptics and an extruded 3.15″ aluminum lightweight frame available in any color or black velvet. Formats available include 16:9, 16:10 and 2.35:1. Silverstar PanoFlexx is custom made in sizes up to 86.50″ x 138.50″ x 163″ diagonal.

Here are the specs.

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