How To Sell Digital Signage With The Bigger Picture Method Part 1

Digital Signage Big PictureIt can be an art form to sell digital signage, because it involves discussions with often non-tech savvy people… and educating them about some very technical products. So above all, solutions need to be boiled down to make sense for each client. (*Cough*… Duh.)

You sell digital signage. Great. BUT RIGHT NOW — stop thinking of yourself as a sales person, BDM, account manager, pavement pounder, or the hottest new term Gravy Maker.  (I get royalties for every person who adds that to their business card.)

Get your pick-ax and your headlight. You are now an Applications-Miner. You mine your client for needs that digital signage can apply to. STOP talking about all the crap and features it can do. You’re wasting you’re time with anything that doesn’t apply directly. Give it up. NOBODY CARES.

 Here’s what I do at the 1st digital signage meeting. This may not apply to every vertical, but tailor as you must::

Build Trust with digital signage  Step 1:  Build Trust, but Not with a Creepy Handshake 

Get a hair dryer and melt the ice.  Chit-Chat with your customer for 5 minutes if possible. Make them laugh. Then take five minutes to describe yourself and company. Don’t puff up your chest talk all big. Tell them why you work for company X, and why people choose to work with you. Here’s a great post on that from our fellow Jeremy Birch.

Sell with Digital Signage AmmoStep 2: Get Ammo:  Let the client tell you their needs. We start by asking a series questions about the client’s business. Move from broad to specific. (See that word, ASK? Do it! Do not unload your oral diarrhea of product features right now.)

Examples of Questions:  Who are they? Who do they communicate with on a regular basis? What is their overall reason for looking at digital signage? What types of displays have they seen so far, and what do they like/dislike about them? What are they trying to communicate? What is working/not working right now in their communication process? You can do this. Let the conversation flow.


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Use Your Masterpiece to Sell Digital SignageStep 3: Paint Your Masterpiece — Do you like Monet or Mayonnaise?:

If you know your product and you did step one and two properly, this should be easy. You should have been building their options in your head the whole time you were talking.

I usually say something like, “I can think of three ways we can set up your system — all three allow you to do x, y and z, but they vary in price due to a few key differences. Here’s what they are, and why there is a price difference. What do you think sounds best for you, Mr. Customer?

It should also be noted that I often bring demo displays with me, and often times I know my clients needs ahead of time. I’ll build a solid example that applies to their exact situation. You’ll never hear so many Oooohs and Aaaaahs from a couple of looping JPGs and videos. You’d think I was a dolphin trainer.

So you want to sell digital signage? “TAP” it — Trust, Ammo, Paint. TAP, TAP, TAP-AROO. It’s just barely stupid enough to remember.


Don’t worry, I’ll feed ya, baby chickadees. From here, the conversation can get into pricing — but you’ll need to check the next post on that. ‘Til next time, friends.

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