Samsung Flip Is New Digital Flipchart

Samsung Electronics just unveiled its new Samsung Flip digital flip chart display. Introduced at the company’s First Look event, the Samsung Flip 4K resolution WM55H allows for sharing, annotation, movement and even searching via a portrait-based, 55” LCD touch-screen. Additionally, the Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand transforms any location into a huddle room, meaning added flexibility to businesses with limited conference space.

Through simultaneous multi-user engagement, the Samsung Flip allows up to four different participants to content or annotate directly on screen at the same time using either their fingers or a dual-sided pen. It’s all mounted on a cart with integrated wheels.

For added interactivity, the Samsung Flip display also offers device compatibility through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports. An integrated screen-sharing functionality makes Flip content available on connected PCs, smartphones and tablets without interruption or reduced visual quality. Likewise, users also can import personally-stored content onto the Flip display’s screen and introduce fresh ideas to the discussion.

The Samsung Flip display delivers collaboration efficiency by condensing the multiple tools and processes required for a traditional meeting into an all-in-one design. Participants do not need a specialized touch pen to interact with the screen, and can erase notes through a quick palm swipe. Flip users also can access up to 20 pages of writing space, with embedded search functionalities available to instantly direct participants to specific content. This continuous, rolling stream avoids the lost time and interruptions that often result as participants have to search through multiple sheets of paper or lines of notes to locate a specific detail.
Each Flip display is customizable and can configure to portrait or landscape orientations to suit unique meeting needs. When coupled with its height-adjustable stand, the Flip also maximizes available writing space at users’ preferred positions. Should a meeting require more centralized, roundtable-style discussion, users can remove and connect the Flip display to a compatible wall mount.

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Here are the details on the $2,699 Flip.

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  • kidvidla

    We were unsuccessful at selling the Smart KAPP board which was touted as a flip-chart replacement in a digital format. I don’t see any measurable differences between the two.

  • Andrew Pease

    I will be interested to see how this plays out in a market that may have too many options already. It strikes me as similar to a KAPP Pro and a Google Jamboard rolled into one, but if its cloud eco-system is isolated, I doubt it will get a lot of uptake. I agree with @kidvidla that SMART has been refining this product segment for years, and had a fairly slick setup, but never really saw the market blossom as they had hoped. Something that is just like it, might not have that promising a market..