Apr 122012

I know I’m a day late on the Google+ design overhaul blogging, but I like to keep my blogging schedule consistent. And I like to write for rAVeSMB on Mondays (my tip of the week!) and Thursdays (you know, whatever’s going on).


Google+ launched it’s design overhaul yesterday. Took away some features, added some features, etc. They’re trying to better organize it, make it cleaner, nicer to look at. Whatever. BUT, remember how I said I want to be proven wrong about Google+? Well, I do. So I’m honestly giving it a chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate it. But I feel like if I’m supposed to be some sort of “media” person or people ask me questions about “social media” because I have somewhat of an idea as to what I’m doing (my golly, I have them fooled), then I guess I should be educated as to what in the dickens is happening over in Google+.

Honestly? It’s still confusing as all get-out to navigate, I still don’t know what I’m doing, and I still HATE that there are no good management platforms. Like, come on, get with it. I want to post to Google+ from HootSuite, or Tweetdeck, or SOMETHING. I like being able to do things in one place. I’m OCD like that.

I’m also still bitter that Google got rid of the Wonder Wheel last summer. I LOVED THE WONDER WHEEL. I think I was the only one that used it, though. I’m trying to get over that bitterness, though.

Back on track. We trackin’?

Okay. So apparently Google’s new emphasis with Google+ is going to be on Photo and Video. Shocker. I think I’ve seen that done, though.

I just hope that Google+ really over the next few months continues to separate itself from the typical “Post your content here and share it with your friends” mantra. That’s all well and good, but it’s the same concept as the other guys.

Come up with something new.

Stop being a “me-too” company.

Be innovative.

Also, the fact that Google+ doesn’t even have their own way of making your profile something like googleplus.com/molly or whatever is lame. (Yes, I know now about the gplus.to thing, but still…)

But, in the meantime, I’m going to give it a serious effort so I can make a more educated statement of, “I hate dislike it.”

Just kidding.

I did say I want to be proven wrong.

In the meantime, are you on Google+? Find me. Add me to your circle or whatever. Prove to me it’s awesome.

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  1. wow, awesome article. Great.

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