ISE 2015: Joel Rollins Visits the Lang AG Stand at ISE

ISE 2015: Joel Rollins visits one of his favorite stands at the ISE 2015 show – Lang AG. This European Distributor has an amazing collection of skills to bring to their dealers and partners… check out the final segment of the gesture-driven LIVE touch.

Matt Cooper

About Matt Cooper

One of the things Matt loves the most about working at rAVe are the endless opportunities for creativity in many different formats. Whether it’s print, web, e-mail, 3D illustration, video, screen printing or any number of new forms of media – he has the opportunity to try it all while getting rAVe’s message out. Every day has new design and project management challenges – but it’s what he loves to do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Matt lives in Durham with his wife and two cats. He likes fiction podcasts, NPR, game nights and watching obscure television on stations you’ve never heard of. Matt knows a ton of facts about random topics, and he regularly likes to correct Gary and Sara when they are wrong.