Pakedge Introduces the W6 Family of Wireless Access Points

At CEDIA Expo, Pakedge Device & Software introduced the W6 family of ultra-high-power wireless access points.

Pakedge says these new W6 wall-mount/desktop, W6C in-ceiling/in-wall, W6R rack-mount and W6O outdoor wireless access points (WAP) offer improved range, data throughput, reliability and stability, plus different configurability options.

Designed specifically for custom-installation and audio/video bridging (AVB), the W6 family offers three wireless deployment options to accommodate any size network. First, they can be used in a standalone WAP configuration utilizing their built-in “intelligence” that enables them to be easily configured. Second, Pakedge provides a PC and Mac software discovery tool to find and change its IP address. Finally, Pakedge offers a hardware macrocell wireless access point controller (model C36) that enables access points in a very large wireless system to be centrally deployed, configured, monitored and updated.

W6 devices are optimized for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and home control devices. The W6 software takes an entirely new approach to 802.11n performance, in handling environmental wireless “noise” and the interference resulting from the fact that Wi-Fi is an unregulated frequency spectrum. The W6 family’s proprietary algorithms optimize the devices’ signal-to-noise ratio, leading to higher throughput at longer ranges and more stable performance. W6 devices are especially well suited for use with 802.11n devices that use a wider channel width, because the wider the channel, the more susceptible the device is to interference. Pakedge W6 products utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity and are capable of transmitting up to 800mW of power even in 802.11n wide-channel mode.

All the different W6 models can be mixed and matched in a single wireless network, for virtually unlimited installation options. One hardware unit will support any country thanks to a software-configurable radio for FCC and ETSI countries.

The W6 devices offer multiple SSID and VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) support and multiple operating modes including Wireless Access Point, Wireless Bridge (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint), Universal and WDS Repeater (WAP to WAP). Pakedge W6 products have remote management, remote update and file configuration upload capability and support the latest security standards. All W6 models are designed to provide enterprise-class reliability and feature rugged metal construction, high-gain antennas and easy installation.

The Pakedge W6 and W6C are currently available and the W6R and W6O will be available in the next few months.

To see a video we shot of the W6 family of wireless access points at CEDIA Expo, click here.

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