ABOUT rAVe [Publications]

rAVe [Publications] is the leading news organization within the AV industry, and has been for 15 years. rAVe’s current sponsors know that and that’s why they keep coming back, year after year. The average rAVe sponsor has been working with us for over seven years! Our goal is to provide the best and most creative outlets to promote the companies that support us. Each opportunity, project and event adds something unique for the sponsor. If you have an idea, rAVe can help you come up with a creative way to share it.


The primary target audience for most of rAVe’s publications is what we like to call AV insiders, or AV professionals who sell, design and install the products covered. We have nine publications, two websites and a new mobile app — all of which target AV insiders. Our newest email newsletter and website, AVBuyers.club, helps AV end-users pick the right product for any application. So, we have every avenue to reach AV’ers and IT’ers covered. rAVe’s news and analysis is distributed through channels such as:

email newsletters • blogs • articles • press releases • videos • infographics • 
podcasts • surveys • social media • promoted content


Website & Banner Advertising

The rAVe [Publications] website is everything you have come to know and love about rAVe. Delivering the best audio visual news and information for every vertical, rAVe [Publications] is the #1 AV News Publication. Period.

Put your brand in front of an engaged, influential and global audience with rAVe [Publications] website banner advertising and mobile advertising options.

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Email Newsletter Advertising

Promote your company's product, events and initiatives, increase brand recognition and establish a voice for your brand with rAVe [Publications] newsletters. Sponsorship of rAVe email newsletters is THE WAY to reach readers in a particular vertical market in the AV industry.

Your message is sure to reach the right audience with email newsletter advertising

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Social Media Advertising

Developing a distinct and productive social media strategy is key to keeping your brand on course when it comes to hitting your social media marketing goals.

Promote and distribute your brand's message with rAVe [Publications] social media advertising options and the established AV Industry Professionals (AVIP) LinkedIn group.

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Promoted Content

Each piece of a marketing plan functions slightly different and promoted content plays in the content marketing space. Whether you're needing to promote a specific piece of content, event or initiative rAVe [Publications] promoted content will amplify your message.

Utilize rAVe [Publications] promoted content options or a rAVe RADIO sponsorship to boost your marketing message.

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Live Event Advertising & Marketing

Attending an industry trade show or holding an event of your own?

rAVe SHOWSTOPPERS and rAVe [NOW] OnDemand is the exclusive trade show coverage of rAVe [Publications]. Seamlessly integrate your message through a number of show-related channels. Extend your presence beyond the trade show with rAVe [NOW] On Demand media platforms and event advertising.

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Want to turn your live show, conference or event into a 365-day digital event? rAVe [365] does just that. Take your 1-day, 2-day or 3-day event and turn it into an online 365-day event; totally turn-key - in other words, you do nothing. We just show up and, in real-time, we will make your show live, forever. Here’s an example of what we can do!

Consulting & Speaking

From the future of the ProAV and HomeAV markets to practical advice on incorporating digital signage into your company’s offerings, Gary Kayye’s wide array technical, business and marketing knowledge can lead your organization to efficiency and profitability.

Educate, inspire and draw more attendees to your event and gain the expert advise from Gary Kayye with consulting and keynote speaking services.

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We'll be happy to create a custom package and marketing proposal based on your specific need.