AV Insider — Episode 115: Nest: Creating The Thoughtful Home

AV Insider —Gene LaNois, head of Nest Pro division, speaks with me about his past in the HVAC industry, and how it brought him to Nest Pro. We dive into all things Nest, from the thermostat Gen1, to their new Nest Secure system that ships out today on Halloween! We also discuss some new features that are not available yet, but Gene gladly discusses what’s coming. We talk about the “works with Nest” program, the Nest Pro program, some other new devices,and the future of your home with Hattiesburg to Google home integrations. All this and more, on this spooky scary edition of AV Insider.

Johnny Mota

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Johnny Mota is a systems integrator in northern California. He writes for rAVe [Publications] as a member of the BlogSquad, as well as SF New Tech, Geek Beat TV, Lust Gadget and other places. He also acts as the social media manager for a few AV and automation companies. He loves art, technology and lamp. Don’t make it weird. You can reach him at johnnymota3@gmail.com.